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Wolfcub DN34 Gen2+ MilSpec Day/Night Vision Sight with Adapters

Special Price: $3450.00

The Wolfcub DN34 is intended for application together with day devices, video and photo cameras and makes it possible to observe in the twilight and at night. Special high-contrast and high-aperture optics provide a high quality image throughout the field of view. The construction of the Wolfcub DN34 bracket allows to attach it quickly and safely to the majority of the well known day lenses. 

- body made of light alluminium alloys; 
- a high aperture and contrast transfer function lens; 
- kit of different diameter mounts for lenses of day devices. 

Tube, generation                                                          2+
Lenses, focal length, mm                                            F80/1.5
Magnification                                                                1x
Objective lens diameter                                              53mm
Angle of vision                                                             13°
Exit pupil diameter                                                       22mm
Supply voltage/type of batteries                                3V/ CR123A
Operating time (without IR), hour                              54
Multiplicity of the day scopes:
acceptable / optimum                                                  1-12/ 5-8
Operating temperature range, °C                              -20 ... +50
Maximum impact load, g                                            500
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529       IPX5
Dimensions, mm                                                         187 x 62 x 62
Weight                                                                           620g

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