Armasight AIM PRO Advanced Integrated Mount Pro


The Armasight AIM-PRO is an advanced bore sighted mount designed to provide you with instant night vision as well as the easy switch between night and day vision as you need it. It is this kind of quick flexibility that makes the Armasight AIM-PRO a smart tool for any hunter, law enforcement agent, or other night vision user that expects to need versatile equipment.

The Armasight AIM-PRO will work with a Sirius, Nyx-14, or a PVS 14 model and works as an advanced integrated mount, projecting a reticle onto your night vision monocular. This reticle will give you the targeting necessary to turn a night vision monocular device into a weapon sight easily.

If you already own a night vision monocular that you enjoy using in the field, increasing its general versatility with a pro reticle mount that allows weapon sighting is a smart investment. This advanced bore sighted mount will increase your accuracy and overall effectiveness in the field.

The Armasight AIM PRO Advanced Integrated Mount Pro comes with a two year warranty.

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