Wolfcub D221B F120 Lens Gen 2+ Night Vision Binoculars


The Wolfcub D221B is a professional night vision device designed to perform various activities in low-light conditions, which require to detect and recognize moving and fixed objects located at a considerable distance (up to 900 meters).  The Binocular arrangement of the device and special optics provide a high-quality stereoscopic image, which leads to greater recognition distance 1.3-1.5 times, compared to devices which use a pseudo binocular scheme. 

Wolfcub D221B features: 
- MilSpec Gen2+ Tube
- 4.6x Mag. F120 Lens
- body from light alloys of alluminium; 

- switch-off indicator; 
- built-in IR illuminator and possibility to install additional powerfull IR illuminator; 
- filling with dry air or nitrogen; 
- cartridge of dehydrator; 
- high quality stereoscopic image  
- possibillity to install an additional IR-illuminator (laser or diode) in special slot to increase the distance of detection and recognition considerably.  


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