Infrared, known as I/R, is a form of light, which is almost invisible to the human eye. I/R is used with nightvision or other equipment, which is I/R sensitive. Almost all nightvision units are equipped with built in I/R. I/R is used in total darkness, or when there is too little light for the lightamplifier in the nightvision unit to work with, such as caves and warehouses etc.

In such a situation, the I/R is activated, and the nightvision unit now has a lightsource to amplify. You are now able to see as if you where in daylight, even if you are in total darkness.



Portable 10400mah Power Bank


MT24 - Objective Lens 24mm


PE1150 - Pelican Case


IM2050 - Storm Case


NVA-HHSIR - Infrared Spotlight Filter

From: $115.00

MT42 - Objective Lens 42mm


MT50 - Objective Lens 50mm


NVA-HHS - Hand Held Spotlight

From: $145.00

NVRS - 50mm Doubler


IM2100 - Storm Case