Over the past 40 years, FLIR has produced and delivered over 100,000 FLIR sensors, and thousands more radars and CBRNE sensors, for customers in more than 75 nations. This rich history of delivering the most technologically advanced solutions now also enables FLIR to provide quality products for professional use
The LS and H-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras are designed for Law Enforcement & First Responders. providing the information they need to make quick decisions, enhancing mission effectiveness, maximizing operational capabilities, and improving safety. Unlike image intensifying night vision devices, thermal-imaging cameras create image from heat and can, thus, be used in total darkness, through smoke, dust and light fog. They can also see through foliage and camouflage. The non-reliance on ambient light means that these cameras allow you to see clearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide image of 320 × 240 and 640x512, and 30/60Hz refresh rates delivering high fidelity thermal imagery, with the detail necessary for cutting edge performance. The BHS series offers a variety of lenses and features, to perfectly suit your needs and budget.