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Wolfcub TFA1200 50Hz Thermal Imaging Sight with Adapters


The Wolfcub TFA1200 is intended to be used together with day optical devices in conditions of various illumination (day, twilight, night) and limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). Includes a binder set and set of rings for various diameter of objectives of day optical devices & offers 2x,4x Digital Zoom

Key features:
Sensor                               384x288/17um
Frame Rate                       50Hz
Lens                                  F50/1.0
Palette                               Black hot/ White hot
Magnification                     1x
FOV                                  7.5° x 5.6°
Detection Range               1200m (man sized target)
Digital Zoom                      2x, 4x
Battery                              6v / 2 x CR123A
Waterproof                        IPX5
Dimensions                       209 x 81 x 81
Weight                               780g