GSCI TIB-5000 30Hz/60Hz Long Range Thermal Imaging Binocular

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The TIB-5000 series Thermal Binoculars from GSCI designed for the Law Enforcement Professional and Security Specialists. Developed for Surveillance, Search & Rescue, Perimeter Control, and Vehicle ID, the TIB-5000 are lightweight and rugged units with intuitive controls that offer an ease-of-use not seen in many thermal imagers on the market.
Ease of use is important in devices like the TIB-5000 because they are often shared among several officers or team members and the ability to pick up a unit and operate it effectively with minimal training is an invaluable asset. The controls are well-placed and easy to manipulate, even with gloves. The TIB-5000 are uncooled thermal imaging binoculars that can be used as hand held or tripod mounted. The unit is powered by just 2 pcs AA Lithium batteries with up to 8 hours continuous operation. The TIB-5000 also features the ability to be connected to an external video monitor, recorder or Head Mounted Display. 
Regardless of the ambient conditions, the TIB-5000 performs well, providing clear focus and high resolution. The TIB-5000 is a handy and intuitive thermal imager. If your mission revolves around surveillance and perimeter security, the TIB-5000 can meet your needs.
TIB-5000 can be supplied with various high quality, fast germanium lenses featuring optical magnification from 1X and up to 6X and F-number as low as F:1.0. Along with the GSCI's proprietary video signal processing software allows to achieve impressive Long Range detection, recognition and Identification capabilities.
High-Performance 384x288 FPA or Top Notch 640x480, 17 µm FPA
High Refresh Rate: up to 60 Hz
High Quality, Fast Optical Lenses
Convenient Biocular Eyepiece
Shutterless and Soundless
Manual/Automatic Gain Control
Manual Brightness Control
Ultra-Long Battery Life
Light Weight
Video Out
Tripod Mountable
Hassle-free Export
7-Year Warranty
Stadiametric Rangefinder feature (CG Models only)


(Technical Specifications - see below)

TIB-5050CG 50Hz, 384x288, 50mm Lens
TIB-5075CG 50Hz, 384x288, 75mm Lens
TIB-5075CGxl 60Hz, 384x288, 75mm Lens
TIB-5100CG 50Hz, 384x288,100mm Lens
TIB-5100CG 50Hz, 384x288,100mm Lens
TIB-5050CG-17 30Hz, 640x480, 50mm Lens
TIB-5075CG-17 30Hz, 640x480, 75mm Lens
TIB-5100CG-17 30Hz, 640x480, 100mm Lens
TIB-5075CGxl-17 30Hz, 640x480, 75mm Lens
TIB-5100CGxl-17 30Hz, 640x480, 100mm Lens

TIB-5000 Thermal Long Range Binoculars
Model TIB-5050xl TIB-5050xl-17 TIB-5075 TIB-5075xl TIB-5075-17 TIB-5100-17 TIB-5150-17
Spectral Response (um) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
F.P.A. Format 384x288, 25um 640x480, 17um 384x288, 25um 384x288, 25um 640x480, 17um 640x480, 17um 640x480, 17um
F.P.A. Material ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled ASi Uncooled
Thermal Sensitivity (mK)  <50 <60 <65 <50 <50 <50 <50
Refresh Rate (Hz) 60 30 60 60 30 30 30
Lens size and F-number 50 mm; F:1.0 50mm; F:1.0 75 mm; F:1.3 75 mm; F:1.0 75 mm; F:1.0 100 mm; F1.0 150 mm; F:1.0
Optical Zoom 2X 2X 3X 3X 3X 4.5X 6X
Combined Zoom (Optical+Digital) 4X-8X 4X-8X 6X-12X 6X-12X 6X-12X 9X-18X 12X-24X
Diopters Adjustment +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6 +2/-6
Weight (w/o batteries) (g) 800 800 900 900 900  1200 2500
Dimensions (mm) 200x140x84 200x140x84 234x140x84 234x140x84 234x140x84  290x145x115 350x170x170
Powered By AA Lithium Batteries 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs. 2pcs.
Battery Life 8 hrs 7 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs 7 hrs 7 hrs 7 hrs
Detection of Human Figure (m) ~900 ~1500 ~1200 ~1400 ~2200 ~3000 ~4000
Detection of Idling Car (m) ~1500 ~2500 ~2000 ~2300 ~3000 ~4000 ~5000
Tripod Mountable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes