GSCI PVS-14C Gen3 Night Vision Goggle

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The legendary PVS-14C is the great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions. 
The highly versatile PVS-14C system can be used as a hand-held or hands-free single eye goggle, or as a night vision system when coupled to a daytime close quarters sight.
Simple user controls include a 3-position switch (OFF/ON/Momentary and constant IR) as well as Manual Gain Control of the Image Intensifier Tube.
Additionally the PVS-14C turns itself off when removed from the helmet mount or when flipped into to the “UP” position.
Lightweight, rugged and waterproof, the PVS-14C is a powerful performer for use in confined as well as in open spaces.
Every PVS-14C is protected by 7-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
All GSCI Image Intensifier Tubes are featuring:

Resolution 57-73* lp/mm
FOM: up to 2000
Shock/Recoil Absorbing Capacity: Up To 500g

(Technical Specifications - see below)

GSCI PVS-14C GA1 GEN3 FOM 1260-1599

PVS-14C - Night Vision Mini Monocular
Magnification 1X IIT Options Device Options
Objective (mm) 26 PVS-14C-GA1   Gen3 1. "Flip Up" Helmet Mount
Eye Relief (mm) 27 PVS-14C-GA2   Gen3  2. “Flip Up” Head Gear
FOV (degrees) 40 PVS-14C-GA3 Auto Gated                      Gen3  
Range of Focus (mm) 20 - ?      
Diopter Adjustment +2/-6 IIT Features (*on selected tubes)  
Waterproof IP67 1. Resolution (lp/mm) 57-73*  
Shock, Recoil up to 500 G 2. SNR 19-32*  
Built-in IR Illuminator Short range 905 nm 3. High Photo Response*    
Light Overload Sensor Yes 4. Small Halo    
Batteries Type CR123 / AA 5. FOM up to 2200    
Batteries Quantity 1 6. Manual Gain    
Battery Life (CR123)(hrs) 50+      
Battery Life (AA)(hrs) 30+      
Weight (g) 330      
Dimensions (mm) 110x65x55      
Operating Temperature (ºC)  -51 — +49